• You are searching for a Manager or an Executive? Trust us with your recruitment assignment. We analyse your request

  • Our HR Consultants search and preselect for you the best profiles
    and send you their files for job interviews

  • You choose from our preselection the Manager or the Executive that best matches your requirements and you finalise the recruitment process



Get access to highly skilled talent pool of

We offer you the best recruitment solutions
pour assurer une collaboration 
trustful collaboration

Get a high quality service

Add efficiency and flexibility in your organization

Get your strategy,
structure, and talent in sync

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What is the ideal recruitment service for your needs?

Premium Job Ad

The maximum service to recruit!

  • - Your ad remains visible for 60 days on our site
  • - We multicast your ad on our partner sites
  • - We send your job offer to the available professionals matching your criteria
  • - You will be able to receive Express applications from candidates not registered on the site
  • - You access to your Excel summary sheet of all applications received
  • - You can sort the applications received according to many criteria (experience, education, availability, etc.)
  • - We sort your applications received by relevance
  • - You will be able to receive the applications directly on your email as well as on your recruiter account.
  • - You can remain confidential and publish your ad anonymously
  • - We suggest you in addition available profiles in the CV library based on your ad and offer you 10 free CVs
  • - Your Client Advisor works with you personally until hiring of the candidate

Gold Job Ad "Preselection"

Save time. We take care of the rest!

  • - Our HR Consultants preselect for you the applications received to your job ad.
  • - Benefit from all the advantages of the Premium job ad and receive in addition CVs of interviewed and preselected candidates matching your requirements until hiring of the candidate.

Identify Quickly the Best Profiles on the CV Library

Search our CV database for free.

Buy the CVs of the candidates you are interested in.

Need a training for your employees?

We put at your disposal Experts Trainers to increase your team skills!

1. Send us your training needs.

2. We qualify your request.

3. We find you for free the best available Trainer and send you a training offer that is tailored to your needs.

4. You validate the Trainer and the training program.

5. Start the training!

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Our Digital Recruitment Services Africa

Our Digital Recruitment Services Africa