Driven by excellence, our recruitment agency relies on a rigorous methodology.

The methodology adopted by AfricaWork aims to ensure the highest quality of candidates matching the need and requirements of the Client. AfricaWork also provides a detailed follow-up and an ongoing communication with both the Client and the candidates on the progress of the recruitment.


Phase 1

1Phase 1: Specification of the searched profile

Scoping meeting with the Client to study their requirements in terms of educational background (studies, trainings, targeted schools or universities), experience (know-how, technical skills, targeted companies), interpersonal skills, culture fit, mobility and package offered.

This is to fully validate the job description and thoroughly understand the Client’s need and requirements.

Phase 2

2Phase 2: Sourcing and preselection of candidates

1. Job Ads posting

  • Formulating and editing job ads based on the Client's requirements.
  • Posting the job ads on AfricaWork's 37 recruitment sites (19 sites in French speaking countries and 18 sites in English speaking countries) based on need and multicasting on job meta-search engines and partner sites.

2. Targeted search

  • Direct approach on professional networks (headhunting).
  • Direct approach on internal resources/ AfricaWork’s CV database.

3. Application processing

  • Examination and sorting of received applications (CVs and cover letters).

4. Preselection of candidates

  • Candidates screening and preselection.
Phase 3

3Phase 3: Candidates interviews and tests

Preselected applicants are contacted by AfricaWork to take interviews and tests.

  • Interviews with our Recruitment Consultants to validate the candidate's skills, his / her real motivation for the position and his / her suitability in accordance with the Client’s requirements.
  • AfricaWork’s validation test in order to better understand the candidate.
  • Technical skills tests (upon request).
  • Personality test (upon request).

A summary of the skills and evaluation of each candidate is then made by AfricaWork’s Recruitment Consultants.

Sending the shortlisted candidates along with the summary to the Client for interviews
  • Reference checks of the candidates selected by the Client (upon request).
Phase 4

4Phase 4: Monitoring candidate integration and guarantee

AfricaWork monitors the integration of the candidate. As long as the candidate's trial period is not validated by the Client, AfricaWork keeps the sourcing of the same profile ongoing.

Guarantee: AfricaWork commits to make a replacement free of charge if the candidate who was recruited leaves his / her position during the trial period, due to his / her fact or the fact of the Client, and to present new candidates to the Client within maximum 2 weeks after the departure of the candidate.

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