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Our Poultry Technicians in Nigeria

Poultry Technician - Profile N° 00064406 Nigeria
Work experience: 5 to 10 years
Industries: Electric, electronic, optical and precision equipments Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy Engineering, development studies Telecom
Languages: English : fluent
Afrikaans : fluent
Skills: I'm well trained to install electrical wiring, repairs Electronics appliances, I'm well good in Welding and fabrication (Construction of iron gate, doors, Burglary proof, Rainings, etc)
assembly DOORS electrical installation electronics maintenance repair wiring
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : AbeokutaOgun - IbadanOyo - Lagos - Ondo
Availability: Immediately

Our latest registered candidates

Profile N° 00091407 Nigeria
Work experience: 5 to 10 years
Industries: Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy
Education: Bachelor
Languages: English : fluent
monitoring security
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : Lagos - Ondo - WarriDelta
Availability: Immediately
Profile N° 00110214 Nigeria
Work experience: More than 10 years
Industries: Banking, insurance, finance Hotel business, catering Industry, production, manufacturing and other Social, public and human services Transport, logistics, postal services
Education: Bachelor
Languages: English : fluent
Skills: Strategic planner Decision Making Administrative Expert HRM knowledge and expertise
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : AbeokutaOgun - Abuja
Availability: In 1 month
Profile N° 00056557 Nigeria
Work experience: More than 10 years
Industries: Associative activities Consumer goods Distribution, selling, wholesale Industry, production, manufacturing and other Services other
Education: Master
Languages: English : fluent
Afrikaans : native
Skills: - Cross functional team management - Succession planning - Sales planning and implementation - Communication skills - Inventory management - Troubleshooting expertise - Data review - Purchasing and planning - Sales team development - Team oversight - Retail
management management training planning support team management training troubleshooting
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : AbeokutaOgun - Ekiti - IbadanOyo - International - Lagos - Ondo - Osun - Port - HarcourtRivers
Availability: In 1 month
Profile N° 00117117 Nigeria
Work experience: 5 to 10 years
Industries: Call centers, hotlines Consumer goods Distribution, selling, wholesale Government services Marketing, communication, media
Education: Bachelor
Languages: English : fluent
Skills: Proficient in Microsoft office tools
direct sales marketing sales
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : AbeokutaOgun - Abia - Abuja - Adamawa - Akwa - Ibom - Anambra - Bauchi - Bayelsa - Benin - CityEdo - Benue - Cross - River - Ebonyi - Ekiti - Enugu - Gombe - IbadanOyo - Imo - International - Jigawa - Kaduna - Kano - Katsina - Kebbi - Kogi - Kwara - Lagos - MaiduguriBorno - Nasarawa - Niger - Ondo - Osun - Plateau - Port - HarcourtRivers - Sokoto - Taraba - WarriDelta - Yobe - Zamfara
Availability: Immediately
Profile N° 00046123 Nigeria
Work experience: 5 to 10 years
Industries: Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy Government services Telecom
Education: Bachelor
Languages: German : good level
English : fluent
Skills: Computer literacy, Ability to work under pressure, Ability to Learn Fast, Master new concept and adapt to new environment.
leadership management support training
Geographical flexibility: Nigeria : Lagos
Availability: Immediately

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